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Last update: 2018.05.19

Epic Teddy does not collect identifiable information about your visit to this website. We don't use any tracking cookies on our website, and we don't collect visitor data that we can use to identify any individual.

We do use:


Last update: 2018.05.19

When you contact Epic Teddy (e.g. via email or the contact form on the website), we store the provided information securely, and only use it to:

More information about how your data is processed and stored is available on request.

Epic Teddy will never provide your information to third parties, except on court order.

You can request to view or remove your information at any time. We will grant this request free of charge, after proof of identity. When requested, we will delete all information you provided, except for data that we need to fulfill any active projects at the time, and data that we are legally obligated to keep (e.g. for accounting). Contact us via email:

Data processing

Last update: 2018.05.19

We work with several external data processors to collect and process your information. We make sure that all our subcontractors apply sufficient security measures, and that they are compliant with all necessary legal requirements.

More information about the data processors used by Epic Teddy is available on request.


Last update: 2018.05.19

We will do everything that is reasonably possible, to guarantee the security of the data you provide. If we notice unauthorised access to your personal information, we will inform you immediately, and we will do what we can to limit the spreading of this information and to prevent similar incidents from occuring in the future.

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